Joint statement by the BPE and the IAAPA

"Those who honor the perpetrators murder the victims a second time."


We, the "Israeli Association Against Psychiatric Assault" together with the
"Bundesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener" demand thatl this WPA Congress in Germany be cancelled. Our reasons can be read in the program of our Counter-Congress

This 11th congress of the WPA is an outrage and it is without doubt that
the WPA is showing arrogance and disrespect with regard to our demands, in the same way that psychiatrists lock us up in psychiatric institutions.
The crimes of the german psychiatry are unique and unprecedented in the
history of mankind.

German psychiatry is guilty of murdering by starvation at least 20,000
persons incarcerated in psychiatrc institutions from 1945 to 1947.
And here I would like to quote Ernst Klee who said that "it was not the
Nazis who needed the doctors, rather it was the doctors who needed the Nazis."

The main issue on the agenda of this international congress is to reduce
this systematic extermination to an insignificant accident during the
daily routine of psychiatry which can now be put to rest.
Prof. Gaebel, the head of the organizing committee of this WPA congress,
confirmed our claim two days ago in the following statement to the german
newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau":
"The WPA wants to make a clear signal that despite the abuse of psychiatry in the Nazi time, it is now again accepted as a venue for a world congress."

The attempt by psychiatry to put on an exhibition to commemorate the victims serves only as an alibi. We know that this exhibition was only initiated by the WPA after we announced our Counter-Congress.
We consider this to be completely cynical and we are holding our Counter-Congress in order to prevent this "whitewashing" of the crimes of german psychiatry.

Only by cancelling, instead of opening, this WPA Congress could demonstrate an actual sign of shame. Tthe german President Johannes Rau has already cancelled his appearance in the opening ceremony, as stated in the last press release of the WPA. To counterbalance this opening ceremony of the WPA congress, we have scheduled a speech by Ernst Klee to take place simultaneously, in which he confirms our reasons why this WPA Congress should be cancelled.

Copies of the manuscript of his speech are available to you. In it Ernst Klee proves how german psychiatry exterminated the incarcerated persons in the psychiatrc instutions and how the perpetrators were later honored in post-Nazi Germany. The speech ends with a clear message:
"Those who honor the perpetrators murder the victims a second time."

The other issue on the agenda of this WPA Congress which we object to is
the way it is used by the pharmaceutical industry for self-promotion.
Our claim is backed by their announced 9 press conferences, compared to the 6 of the WPA itself.

The weight that is given to the pharma industry speaks for itself. What is
not acknowledged is the fact that the drugs are administered by coercion to
the victims of forced "treatment". This is the dream of any drug dealer.
We also criticize the WPA's ludicrous "campaign against discrimination". We see this campaign as a mockery of the victims in exactly the same discriminating way which psychiatrists have created themselves. This particular campaign is comparable to an attempt by the Ku KLux Klan to launch an antidiscirmination act in favor of afro-americans.

Finally, we want to tell you about an exhibition by the Society of Survivors
of the "Euthanasia" and forced sterilisation in the lobby here. This authentic
exhibition accurately portrays the extermination policy of german sychiatry.

We hope that this countercongress and your reporting will end the taboo of this issue once and for all.